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SAP Assets Accounting Depreciation

November 8, 2016 by Neel Rao

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SAP Assets Accounting Depreciation SAP Assets Accounting Depreciation The depreciation is collectively executed at the company code level. Each asset master contains the necessary information to calculate the depreciation like: Capitalization date Depreciation areas Useful life Scrap Value Asset Value Date The depreciation run is an important periodic processing activity which takes care of calculating depreciation for the assets. This run posts the corresponding transactions …

Starting and Stopping SAP Systems in UNIX

October 12, 2016 by S4

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Last modified October 25, 2016

1.    Steps to Stop SAP Instance   There are two steps to stop the SAP system:   Stop the sap application server. Stop the database listener.   If there are multiple application servers, follow the same step as step 1 to stop all the application servers one by one before stopping the central instance and then the database listener   Stop the application server. (This …