Digital Marketing Interview Questions

August 30, 2016 by Arti Khedkar

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Digital Marketing Interview Questions


  1. Explain Digital Marketing?
  2. What has been your Biggest Mistake in Optimising a Website for Search Engines?
  3. How do you diagnose site files errors ?
  4. Why did you choose this industry?
  5. Biggest challenge in the career?
  6. Do you know about us(PRP Services Pvt. Ltd.)?
  7. What is digital marketing?
  8. How would you improve our SEO marketing efforts?
  9. How do you do to send bulk mail to 100 people ?
  10. what is SEO
  11. Make a marketing plan for hospitals based in rural areas?
  12. What do you enjoy most about working in digital marketing?
  13.    What do you understand by PPC ?
  14.  What do you think the biggest key to success is in this field?
  15. What do you like about digital marketing?
  16. Do you know what Bluetrain is?
  17. What marketing initiative would you do for this company
  18. Give us an example of a brand that you admire.
  19. What website/blog do you read when you first get out of bed?
  20. What challenges are you looking for in this digital marketing position?
  21. Describe a typical work week for digital marketing position?
  22. What is your biggest weakness?
  23. If we don’t bring on an agency, how will we get to our goals?
  24. Why should the we hire you asdigital marketing position?
  25. What online tactics or campaigns are we currently employing?
  26. Online or offline, what has been successful in the past?
  27. What are our current, basic online metrics?
  28. What manpower do we have available on our team?
  29. What specialty do we have in-house?
  30. What other initiatives are we trying to implement at the same time?


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