Android Interview Questions

August 3, 2016 by Giryavva Ghodake

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Android Interview Questions

  1. What is Android?
  2. What Is the Google Android SDK?
  3. What is the Android Architecture?
  4. Describe the Android Framework.What is AAPT?
  5. What is the importance of having an emulator within the Android environment?
  6. What is the use of an activityCreator?
  7. Describe Activities.What are Intents?
  8. Differentiate Activities from Services.What items are important in every Android project?
  9. What is the importance of XML-based layouts?
  10. What are containers?
  11. What is Orientation?
  12. What is the importance of Android in the mobile market?
  13. What do you think are some disadvantages of Android?
  14. What is adb?
  15. What are the four essential states of an activity?
  16. What is ANR?
  17. Which elements can occur only once and must be present?
  18. How are escape characters used as attribute?
  19. What is the importance of settings permissions in app development?
  20. What is the function of an intent filter?
  21. Enumerate the three key loops when monitoring an activity When is the on Stop() method invoked?
  22. Is there a case wherein other qualifiers in multiple resources take precedence over locale?
  23. What are the different states wherein a process is based?
  24. How can the ANR be prevented?
  25. What role does Dalvik play in Android development?
  26. What is the AndroidManifest.xml?
  27. What is the proper way of setting up an Android-powered device for app development?
  28. Enumerate the steps in creating a bounded service through AIDL.What is the importance of Default Resources?
  29. When dealing with multiple resources, which one takes precedence?
  30. When does ANR occur?
  31. What is AIDL?
  32. What data types are supported by AIDL?
  33. What is a Fragment?
  34. What is a visible activity?
  35. When is the best time to kill a foreground activity?
  36. Is it possible to use or add a fragment without using a user interface?
  37. How do you remove icons and widgets from the main screen of the Android device?
  38. What are the core components under the Android application architecture?
  39. What composes a typical Android application project?
  40. What is a Sticky Intent?
  41. Do all mobile phones support the latest Android operating system?
  42. What is portable wi-fi hotspot?
  43. What is an action?
  44. What is the difference between a regular bitmap and a nine-patch image?
  45. What language is supported by Android for application development?

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