Cloud computing Interview Questions

August 1, 2016 by Giryavva Ghodake

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Cloud computing Interview Questions


  1. What are the advantages of using cloud computing?
  2. Mention platforms which are used for large scale cloud computing?
  3. Explain different models for deployment in cloud computing?
  4. What is the difference in cloud computing and computing for mobiles?
  5. How user can gain from utility computing?
  6. For a transport in cloud how you can secure your data?
  7. What are the security aspects provided with cloud?
  8. List out different layers which define cloud architecture?
  9. What are system integrators in Cloud Computing?
  10. What is “ EUCALYPTUS” stands for?
  11. Explain what is the use of “EUCALYPTUS” in cloud computing?
  12. What is the requirement of virtualization platform in implementing cloud?
  13. Before going for cloud computing platform what are the essential things to be taken in concern by users?
  14. Mention some open source cloud computing platform databases?
  15. What are the security laws which are implemented to secure data in a cloud ?
  16. Mention the name of some large cloud providers and databases?
  17. Explain the difference between cloud and traditional datacenters?
  18. Explain what are the different modes of software as a service (SaaS)?
  19. What is the use of API’s in cloud services?
  20. What are the different data centers deployed for cloud computing?
  21. In cloud computing what are the different layers?
  22. How important is the platform as a service?
  23. What is a cloud service?
  24. List down the three basic clouds in cloud computing?
  25. As a infrastructure as a service what are the resources that are provided by it?
  26. What are the business benefits involved in cloud architecture?
  27. What are the characteristics of cloud architecture that separates it from traditional one?
  28. Mention what is the difference between elasticity and scalability in cloud computing?
  29. Mention the services that are provided by Window Azure Operating System?
  30. In cloud architecture what are the different components that are required?
  31. In cloud architecture what are the different phases involved?
  32. List down the basic characteristics of cloud computing?
  33. In cloud architecture what are the building blocks?
  34. Mention in what ways cloud architecture provide automation and performance transparency?
  35. In cloud computing explain the role of performance cloud?
  36. Explain hybrid and community cloud?
  37. In cloud what are the optimizing strategies?
  38. What is Amazon SQS?How buffer is used to Amazon web services?
  39. Mention what is Hypervisor in cloud computing and their types?

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