AIX Filesets Commands

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AIX Filesets Commands


1.Which fileset contains a particular binary?

To show bos.acct contains /usr/bin/vmstat, type:


lslpp -w /usr/bin/vmstat


Or to show contains /usr/bin/svmon, type:


which_fileset svmon


2.How do I display information about installed filesets on my system?


Type the following:


lslpp -l


3.How do I determine if all filesets of maintenance levels are installed on my system?


Type the following:


instfix -i | grep ML


4.How do I determine if a fix is installed on my system?


To determine if IY24043 is installed, type:


instfix -ik IY24043


5.How do I install an individual fix by APAR?

To install APAR IY73748 from /dev/cd0, for example, enter the command:


instfix -k IY73748 -d /dev/cd0


6.How do I verify if filesets have required prerequisites and are completely installed?


To show which filesets need to be installed or corrected, type:


lppchk -v


7.How do I get a dump of the header of the loader section and the symbol entries in symbolic representation?


Type the following:


dump -Htv

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