Secure your email communication

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Secure your email communication

Once speaking of email server related security, one tends to limit the problem to communication applied security measures, and even more to antivirus protection. This is though only one step in the more complex process of securing your server. This article aims at classifying and explanation all security layers, highly vital once selecting a particular email server and consequently once configuring and using it.


Securing mail server connections:  Once using a freshly installed email server, manager should first make sure they usage safe connection. There are two chief possibilities to secure connection such as encoding and firewall like rules.

Encryption ways have continuously have been continuously been developed as the net has become the preferred medium for data transfer. The most commonly used encoding ways are SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security). Though, wrong uses of encoded frequently leads to security breaches.

Firewall like instructionsimposed at server level are recommended to backup an existing firewall or replace it once one is not available. They can enforce restrictions both on begins connections and on hosted traffic. We recommend making creating permits or rejects both worldwide and specifically for every hearer in order to avert attacks like as DOS (Denial of service).


Securing email server protocols: After securing the initial stage of a mail transmission, the nest action to take would be safe protocols. The recommended steps are to usage multiple listeners for every interface and correlate them with particular permits and rejected protocols. Also, limiting number of commands or setting a time out for your session can help protect your server from further DOS attacks.

To additional improved protocol security, we recommend client control protocols, based on the sender or receiver address and particular limitations concerning the number and size of mail communications.

Authentication is also highly vital at protocol level. By implementing various authentication ways, either simple or complex, the email server improves messages security and is better armedagainst attacks and unlawful access.

Other effectual protocol level resolutions are creating sure your email server is RFC acquiescent and stopping mail looping.

Securing email control parameters:Apart from using distinct anti-spam and antivirus applications, there are additionalactivities you should keep in mind where mail control based security is concerned. One very convenient option would be using gray lists. Gray listing is essentially a request to have the mail resent, after temporarily rejecting the mail. All valid servers will then resend the mails, unlike spamming script. Please note though that so many servers cannot distinguish at this time among a provisional and permanent problem.

Host control is other easy method to certify only valid mails is further deal with by your mail server. TWO well-known ways are SPF and DNS based black hole lists. SPF records the real addresses of domains. By using SPF checks, you can effectively prevent junk and back scatter mails.

Black lists might be either communal (free of charge) or private and regularly contain IP addresses of open-relay servers, open substitutions and ISPs with no spam clarifying. Your server wants to be set up such as to appeal such lists and not to accept influences initiated by IP addresses comprised in them. If one of your servers gets wrongly listed, to be removed from such a list, you might want to fill an online form, contact the list administrators or, in more simple situations, variation your IP.

A more composite authentication way is DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail Signature). Applied by Yahoo and supported by Google, Cisco, Send email, PGP, DKIM has significantprobabilities of becoming the standard verificationway. The mail header contains an encoded signature and is in its turn encoded, pointing to an encoded key, published on DNS servers by the sending domain. The server processing the mail will use this key to make out the mail body. If the decryption is successful, then the mail is legal.


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The most significantfeature you should keep in mind is that there is no full proof safety; so an optimal protection should temporary perfection. At every security layer, there are conceivable flaws and openings. The solution is to choose the best possible conformation and adapt it to your network’s wants and topology.



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