What Does Home Page Mean?

April 9, 2016 by S4 R

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Last modified June 23, 2016

Websites is a collection of Web Pages and Home Page is the opening page of any website. Home page is backbone of every website. The entry level of a website is the home page of that particular website or we can say that if we want to visit any website, home page work as a mediator between web user and website. It contains each and every detail about whole description of a website in form of links. It contains hyperlinks and navigation buttons, when we click on it we will move towards another page of the same site. This is the same work as like a content page work for any book. It include list of contents of a whole site or contain abstract of a site in it. It is also known as main page of a site. It also contains the name of the website at front and gives detail about website owner.


Home page in terms of web user: It is the first page that comes out in front of a web user after entering the URL (Uniform Resource Locater) of any website on browser. For example when anyone type” www.googlee.com” on internet the Google homepage come on screen after press enter button. As a user view home page should be user-friendly because in front of web user lots of options are there when they search their query on browser. So, why they choose any one out of them? The only reason to select any one from all is presentation. And it only depends on home page of any site.


Home page in terms of developer: It should be more creative and catchy because it shows the first impression of any website. For a website developer home page is first page presented when a user being there on the World Wide Web. Developer creates it by choosing different layouts and design for making it more interesting for the users. Because if the beginning is effective then the user will attract, to visit further website. The aim to develop any website is to introduce particular website with web users in such a manner that they visit it again and again and it also helpful for them. To complete this aim developer need to make its entrance more attractive. It is the root directory of any website. When developer starts to make any website first they need to create its home page so it is the basic need of any developer or we can say initial stage for developer.


We recognize that the first thing a person looks for is the physical glance, that’s why we are doing almost everything just to look eye-catching. Haven’t you thought that this can also be useful to web site home page design?

Following are some points which developer should remember at the time of designing home page more attractive:

  • Create pages as simple as possible and creative. i.e. ensure about decency of page.
  • Include relevant and attractive image in order to make your website seem more attention-grabbing.
  • Incorporate smart choice of colors because color is essence of any webpage. Like light color bag round with dark text and vice versa.
  • Use CSS3 and HTML5 for designing.
  • Keep away from using too many graphics. Use graphics for the purpose of making text supportive not for decorate your site.

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