11 Simple Steps to Start Your email marketing Campaign

April 9, 2016 by S4 R

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Last modified June 23, 2016

Email marketing is the simple one way message to a much more sophisticated way of communicating with your customer or clients. Email marketing  campaign to make relationship with your clients to increase profits. Here some things to know about email marketing campaign.

email marketing campaign

email marketing campaign

Choose the Right email marketing Software System

Start your email marketing campaign Brew soft offers complete CRM capabilities, that is include not only database store and campaign management but also suggestion information on interest, inclination and purchase behaviors so that we can modify over message and campaigns. CRM systems range from simple database models to more composite system that include sales force management, affiliate programs, shopping cards, e mail behavior campaigns. Other software system such as chimp, mail, and constant contact offer more basic e-mail database and campaign management services. Select which type of capability you want use and checklist to compare systems.

Build a list

Build a list of e-mail addresses, if you have not enough quantity of e-mail addresses and if you have only 8 to 10 mail addresses and need to start everywhere. That e-mail address list adds to your database. When you have your list started, firstly you lunch a campaign to keep in touch to others and front of your contacts, without amazing their inbox. It is not work as e-mail quantity its e-mail quality.

Setup Contact information capture forms

It is best way to add forms to your blogs and website, using this forms visitors to give you their information, such as name, contact no, email address etc.

Decide what you want to Accomplish

Firstly you need to decide what is that you want to accomplish, set clear goals, and think why you are sending mail, before you launch first campaign. Then you send your first e-mail and create message and campaign.

Setup auto respond emails

Auto respond email is use to educate and make relationship, and it has some links for more information. It is mainly use to set up email that will automatically release on the time that you select to send out to your email list.


Add Triggers to Email

Triggers are used to send the new product detail on particular topic to the clients. When client click on the link in the mail so Trigger automatically release a message to sending information about your product.

Monitor result

It checks which email are more effective. It is very important to know how your work list is responding when you send the mail. People use it for communication, small business owner to grow their business.


You should understand the rules of law or take information from someone who is already know about CAN-SPAN act. Before being sending email.

Know the law

There are different laws. You have to take by when sending advertising email messages. Law also changes from country to country. Physical address must include in marketing emails.


Decide on your campaign objectives

Firstly you think, why you are communicating with your clients or customers, then you create your first campaign and to make your campaign effective to decide, how you are going to quantity the success of a campaign.

Create your E-mail

When you create your email campaign, that time you follow some checklist.

Strong subject line: your email headline is absorbing, that is attracting the user.

Benefits driven content: if you give some offer so explain to your users.

Good text/ ratio/images: e mail contain should be mixture of image, text.





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