26 critical mistakes should avoid as an Email Marketer

April 9, 2016 by S4 R

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Last modified June 23, 2016

Before take discussion on how to avoid critical mistakes during email marketing you have to know, what does email marketer mean? When we need to broadcast any commercial message to a group of people using email, every email sent to a prospective or recent customer could be considered email marketing.

email marketer

email marketer

When you start any online business, you are the email marketer of your company. And it is very important thing for you to create your place in market and it is only done by avoid some mistakes. To become successful at selling products online, you will need to be careful and acquire certain skills. Following are some critical mistakes that you should avoid as an email marketer.

  1. Email length is too long: some time you thought to add everything in the email but it reduces the quality of your mail also create bad impact on customer. So the email message should be small and sweet. Take a goal and write to the point, it helps customer easy to understand everything about your product and curiosity of purchasing product generate at the same time. Keep it simple and to the point.
  2. Not use responsive design: In this busy life most of the mails are opened on the mobile device, so if you are not using the responsive design – customer who try it to open on mobile phones unable to see proper mail and half of your beneficiary will not able to open without zooming.
  3. Failing to aim email recipients: Sometime due to less time, without seeing email address we send the mail and it send to wrong person. This type of mistakes shows less interest and creates bad impact on customer. An effective email operation delivers the right message to the right person. 
  4. Email contains only images: when you use email with full of images it become mail heavier and create problem when someone open it. It’s usually not mobile optimized. And if someone’s settings is images off then they unable to open it. Also this type of mails considers spam due to heavy images.
  5. Email doesn’t use any image: Email without any image is not attracting user towards it and create less interest. So try to use at least one image in each mail.
  6. Emails are sending inconsistently: Think once or twice per week is perfect, but don’t miss it. Notification is necessary to send reminder to your client.
  7. Email address or from name is blank: It is necessary to end any application or mail with the address or name of firm. Because it help reader to know about your company. Mail with no address shows they are saying: we don’t want to interact with you.
  8. Email offers No Value to customers: Some time people sending follow up emails that have nothing precious for the reader.
  9. Email Focuses on the Product, Not the Customer: Yes it is true that you want to send mail for marketing your products but don’t forget that it is only possible when your customer influence with your message. So rather than totally focus on your product. Try to make it customer usable also.
  10. Emails Keep on Coming: Most companies carry on emailing the same people over and over again. Normally this is not a big issue but some people never open their email regularly. By emailing the users that aren’t alert, it will cause some email providers to start approaching your emails in the spam box as they are assuming you are sending garbage emails.
  11. Duplicate email recipient: Some time due to negligence you forget to see same email address store in your database. Due to this type of mistake same message received two times by user. And this type of work shows your imperfectness and it is not good as an email marketer.
  12. Bounced emails: when you are sending emails in bulk then some of them not properly delivered due to some network error. To aware about bounced email clean your database so as to filter out the recipient that answers in bounced emails.
  13. Emails Don’t Follow Customer Behavior: there is no any app or e-commerce site through which you know about customer behavior but here is some rule through which you can know about it. Find about those people who constantly check your mail or click on it then put them into VIP list and give them early access.
  14. Send the Same Email to everyone: segmenting your emails can appreciably increase your click through rate by about fifty percent. Sending customers a compatible email blast can result in negative reactions to the uncongenial nature of the communication. You can segment your database include geographically, gender wise and interest wise.
  15. Emailing to role account addresses: A messy email databases may include role account addresses.
  16. Poor email deliver ability: Trustworthy email marketing vendors use real email list for marketing campaign. Using a borrowed or purchased recipient list locked out your software and it destroy your reputation also because contain almost dead email addresses.
  17. Email doesn’t supply a text link: People still like text links. Be sure to take in one above and one below the fold.
  18. Emails Miss Out on Power of Plain Text: don’t try to take too lightly the power of a plain text. As simple and nicely designed mails sometime increase the conversion range.
  19. Email Messages Overlap One Another: several emails from the same online dealer in the same day, often with contradicting offers. It’ll pay off in the extended run.
  20. The email recipients do not know your business: Email lists presented for sale are often dragging from other websites, it means the recipient in the list choose into other business not yours. This type of activity create relation gap in recipients and make your mail spam.
  21. Subject Line is over hyped: yes we know that writing headline is a good habit and it also put good impact on mail but over hyped the subject line is one of the big mistakes for email marketing.
  22. Message Preview is overlooked: it is the biggest mistake done by most of the time. Message preview is the lines that mention near the subject line. Its length is around hundred words, sometime you pulled out mail previous lines and put as a preview. But it creates bad impact on reader.
  23. Email Contains Too Many Calls to Action: email marketers frequently try to do too much in single campaign email. Only one call to action linking with one page clarifies your offer and its converting become easier. Provide clear “call to action” in the body of your message to direct users to signup, register, download etc.
  24. Too Many or Too Few Emails are Sent: it is one of the big mistakes that created by marketer is sometime the frequency of mail is too many and some time it is too few.
  25. One message: Email readers have short attention spans-long enough to digest one message, no more. If you need to convey more than one message, create a separate email for each one.
  26. Compelling Subject: The battle of your reader’s attention is won and lost in the subject line. Craft a subject line that telegraphs the content of the message and promise real value if your readers open the mail.


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