PHP / MySQL Web Application Migration Steps

December 29, 2015 by Linux Guru

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Last modified July 15, 2016

PHP / MySQL Web Application Migration Steps

There is a lot more work involved in Server Migration. The thing is, not all information is stored in navigable files and folders, there is information stored elsewhere in the system, such as a database, and meta information tied into the existing file structures. This article will mention steps required to move a web application.


You will need to know the following technologies to move a web application:

  • Basic PHP (required to change database configuration and host configuration variables)
  • Linux file permissions (required to troubleshoot file permission errors)
  • Basic MySQL administration (user account creation, permission granting, import/export)
  • Access to old server control panel
  • Access to old server FTP
  • Access to new server control panel
  • Access to new server FTP
  • Registrar login information (e.g. GoDaddy, if keeping same domain)
  • New server Nameserver records

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