Difference between MySQL CE and MySQL Enterprise edition

December 23, 2015 by Linux Guru

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Last modified June 15, 2016

Difference between MySQL CE and MySQL Enterprise edition

Difference between the community edition and the enterprise edition is added support and tools. The server itself is the same, but the enterprise edition gets updated more frequently and it is stable with quick bug fix support.

It would be safe and will not make any problem if the decide to move on to ORACLE in future.

MySQL Enterprise subscriptions include:
* MySQL Enterprise Server which is the most reliable, secure and up-to-date version of the world’s most popular open source database
* The MySQL Enterprise Monitor provides monitoring and automated Ad visors to help you eliminate security vulnerabilities, improve replication, optimize performance, and more
* MySQL Technical Support enables you to get your toughest technical questions answered quickly.
* MySQL Consultative Support, available with MySQL Enterprise Platinum gives you tailored advise from the MySQL Support team on how to properly design and tune your MySQL servers, schema, queries, and replication set-up for better performance.

MySQL Community Server:

* Freely available under the open source GPL license

In a MyISAM table with dynamic (variable length) rows, the index file for the table (tablename.MYI) stores row locations using 32-bit pointers into the data file (tablename.MYD). That means it can address only 4GB of space.

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